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Savings Bank Account

Other features for customers :

  • Customers are free to switch over to CD a/c within 14 days of making 1st payment in the a/c or get back money without any notice period and no charge to be levied
  • As per RBI norms, use notes always in unstapled / unstiched conditions
  • In case of loss, steal or damage of cheque book, pass book, ATM card, inform the branch immediately (Toll free No. 1800 1033 470)
  • Return of cheque for want of fund is a criminal offence and may be sued in court of law
  • Intimate the bank immediately upon change in recorded address
  • Collection of Cheques
  • 1) For local Cheque: Amount will be credited on the day bank is funded with collection proceeds but amount can be withdrawn after expiry of clearing return time
  • 2) For OCC: Max. Collection period is 10 days for state capital other than NE states & Sikkim and 14 days for other places. Bank will pay interest at the rate applicable to the tenor of F.D for abnormal delay (after 90 days) & SB interest will be payable for normal delay.
  • Upon mandate, ECS/RTGS facility will be extended on levying normal charge
  • Cash deposit of Rs 50000 or above, PAN No. is required to be quoted in deposit chalan
  • Settlement of deceased a/c : Balance amount will be paid to the Nominee or legal heir(s) if nomination is not in force, on submission of Heirship certificate, indemnity bond and surety etc. Depending on the amount of claim documents to be submitted.
  • On loss of passbook, duplicate may be issued on submission of letter of indemnity and realisation of charge along with relevant documents.

The following categories may be allowed to maintain Zero balance SB a/c :

(Circular No. OM/Sys Pro/200/12/OM-157/2004 dated 25.06.04)

  • Pensioners
  • Senior Citizens
  • Women customer either in their single name or as guardian of minor child
  • A/c holder whose salary is being credited
  • Visually handicapped persons

(Circular No. RBD/23/OM-537/05-06 dated 27.12.05)

  • Low income families in rural / urban areas
  • Industrial / Agricultural labourers in rural / urban areas
  • Non-Pensioners Senior Citizens
  • Primary coop credit society which is being financied by the bank

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