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Rupay Platinum EMV card

United Rupay EMV Debit Card is chip based debit card for all the customers who have swiped their cards at least once in any of the international ATM terminals and those are willing to do the transaction at any future date at foreign location. The card may also be issued to our esteem customers on demand.


  1. Cash withdrawal of Rs 1,00,000/ maximum  per day from ATMs
  2. Shopping maximum of Rs 200000/- at stores through POS terminals and Online shopping by e-com transaction.
  3. Fund Transfer upto Rs 1,00,000/-  within the bank.
  4. Personal Accident (Death) Insurance  of Rs 200000 and permanent Disability of Rs 2 Lacs
  5. For use at both domestic and international locations



  1. Concierge services in Hindi & English (24*7)
  2. Free Airport lounge access through 30 airports (India)
  3. 5% cash Back on utility bill payment
  4. CCD (Cafe Coffee Day ) :15% off,
  5. Fuel surcharge (Upto 1% cash back)

  6. and many more

United Bank Platinum EMV Debit Card can be used in

  1. All United Bank ATMs.
  2. All VISA Member Banks ATMs, POS and E-Com in India.
  3. All NFS member Banks ATMs.
You have a wide range of choice of deposits through as many as 10 different schemes offered by UBI. You may select them according to your best suited mode of meeting.