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United ATM-Finance

Purpose : Finance to vendors for procuring, installing and maintaining ATMs/Cash Dispensers operating under transaction cost model.

Target Group : Successful Vendors selected through tendering process and awarded contract from the Banks.

Eligibility :

  • The Vendor must have been awarded contract by a Bank for installing and maintaining ATMs /Cash Dispensers.
  • The vendor should be a registered company in India registered under the Companies Act 1956 and should be in operation for at least 2 years as on 31.03.2012.
  • The vendor should not have been black listed by any Govt. / Govt. Agency in India.
  • The vendor should be a financially sound company and should have registered turnover of at least Rs.20 crores per financial year for the last 2 financial years.
  • The vendor should have registered net profit at least during last two financial years.
  • The vendor should be providing end to end ATM services to at least 2 banks/financial institutions in India.

Margin : 25% of cost of the machine, cost of preparation and erection of site etc.

Quantum of finance : Term Loan maximum loan limit of Rs.4 Lac per ATM/Cash Dispensers.

Rate of Interest (floating) : BR+4.50% i.e. 14.95% to be charged and realized on monthly basis.

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