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Financial Results Q-2/HY(2014-15)

Unaudited Financial Results for the Quarter and half year ended Sep 30, 2014

Financial Results Q1 (2014-15 )

Unaudited Financial Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2014

Consolidated Results of e-Voting & Poll at the Annual General Meeting

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Revised Policy On Recovery Of NPAs & Written Off Accounts Through Compromise Settlement


All NPA accounts including suit filed and decreed accounts and those transferred to the Shadow Register will be eligible for compromise settlement.  However, all suit filed / decreed cases shall be settled by way of consent decree through the court.   Investments of the bank can also be settled under this policy.

Settlement in an account which has been identified by H.O. as ‘Wilful Defaulter’, will require permission of Management Committee of Board of Directors.

1. Modifications in Recovery Policy

In order to reduce the Gross NPA level of the Bank as well as to recover substantial amount from shadow balance accounts it has been felt necessary to revise the existing Recovery Policy for settlement of NPA accounts and Written off accounts so as to achieve the corporate target of the Bank during the residual part of the current financial year and also for future settlement of the proposals:

(a) There will be no cut-off date, any NPA account can be settled provided the loan account did not slip into NPA category within one year from the date of first disbursement.

(b)  MRA will be calculated (except doubtful / loss / written-off accounts)as under :

(i) Ledger Balance + 6% interest (simple) from the date of NPA upto the date of receipt of the proposal at the Branch.

(ii) No interest will be calculated for doubtful/loss/written off accounts.

(c) Sacrifice means:

MRA as calculated In terms of (b) above minus the proposed amount offered by the borrower e.g.

(i) Suppose an account has been declared NPA on 31.03.2008, the outstanding balance in the account on that date is Rs.1.10 lac. The party has given a proposal on 31.10.2008 and offered an amount of Rs.80000.00 towards settlement. In the instant case, the sacrifice will be as under:

Book dues   


Add interest (@6% simple from 01.04.08 to 31.10.08)


Total dues  


Borrower’s offer amount Rs. 80,000.00
Sacrifice amount

Rs. 33,850.00

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