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United Bank of India Audited Results for the Quarter/Year ended 31 Mar 2015

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e-banking United Online is the name of Internet Banking service of United Bank of India. The service is highly secure as it uses 256 bit SSL encryption for the data transmission through internet.

With Internet Banking, your bank travels with you around the world. You have on-line, real-time access. We call it 24 X 7 X 365 banking. United Online services are meant to serve the need of the customers of Bank.


The customers of any branch of Bank having any bank account are eligible to avail e-banking services.

How to Apply
Submit the duly filled signed application form to your branch.

Service Charges

Internet banking service is free of cost. However the charges applicable for the services like Stop Cheque etc availed through eBanking are same as service availed through branches.
Charges for NEFT transaction done through Internet Banking are given below:

Up to Rs 10000 /- NIL
Rs 10001 to Rs 1.00 lac 6/-
Rs 1 Lac to Rs 2.00 lac 19/-(No change)
Above Rs 2 lac 30/- (No change)

Charges applicable for issuance of duplicate password is Rs 50/- plus service tax.


Bank is offering a huge range of services through this 24x7x365 channel to the users, which are detailed hereunder :

1. Home

The home page of United Online greets the user and also gives him the following information -

a. Summery of all the accounts of the user.

b. The date and time of his last log-in to help him ascertain that there is no unauthorized access to his accounts and personal information.

c. The no of days in which his log-in and transaction passwords are likely to expire.

2. My Accounts

The option gives the summary of the operative type, term deposit type and also Loan type of accounts of a user. It also gives individual details of such accounts with balances. The user can have the statement of any of his accounts for any period starting from the date of migration of his branch to CBS. The user can print or save the statements as well.

3. Fund Transfers

Under this option the user gets the facility to transfer funds between different accounts. The options available to him are as under -

a. Transfer of Funds between self accounts.

b. Transfer of funds from self account to any third party account within any branch of bank- In this process the user has to enter the 13 digit account number of the third party account. The user may verify the name of the third party account online. After the confirmation the user may proceed with transferring of funds. Online transfers get executed immediately. User may schedule a transfer for a future date. User may query into the status and history of fund transfers .The user always has the option to terminate a request for transfer which is not executed.

c. Inter Bank fund transfer (NEFT / RTGS) - In this process the user has to enter the required details of the third party account and save the payee details. The user needs to enter the required details. After the confirmation the user may proceed with transferring of funds. Online fund transfers get executed as per the guidelines of RBI. User may schedule a transfer for a future date. User may query into the status and history of fund transfers .The user always has the option to terminate a request for transfer which is not executed.

Some important information related to fund transfers -

Frequency 5 25 75 500


Weekdays 0900 Hrs 1700 Hrs (NEFT)
1600 Hrs (RTGS)
1 5,00,000
Saturday 0900 Hrs 1200 Hrs

4. Tax Payments

Any United Online user may pay the following taxes online -

  1. Direct Tax (CBDT)

  2. Indirect Tax (CBEC)

  3. W.B Commercial Tax

  4. Maharastra Sales Tax

  5. Orissa Commercial Tax

User may generate duplicate receipts of the taxes paid using this service.

 5. Alerts -

User may subscribe to the following SMS alerts online for his accounts

  1. Account Debit/Credit Alerts : Operative Accounts

  2. End of the day balance Operative Accounts

  3. Login Password Expiry No of Days

  4. Salary Credited Operative Accounts

  5. Stop Cheque Operative Accounts

  6. Transaction Password Expiry No of Days

6. Mails

Every user of United Online service is linked to a Relationship Manager who looks into the mails and requests made by the user. For this purpose the user is provided with a mail option, which he can use for communicating with the Relationship Manager. The mail option enables him to -

  1. Compose and send mails to his RM

  2. Receive mails from the RM

  3. Create different folders for storing mails

  4. Mail alert box for receiving alert mails from Bank

  5. Storing of sent items

  6. Purging of old mails

7. Profile & Password

This option enables the user to customise the internet banking options as under:

Changing of passwords - Login ,transaction or SMS passwords

Changing of own profile by nicknaming accounts

Changing of date format viz. dd/mm/yy to mm/dd/yyyy and like.

Changing of amount format from lacs to millions.

Changing address, phone no, primary accounts etc.

8. Activity

The option enables the user to query on his own activities as under:

History of activities under each category like fund transfers done, bill payments done etc.
The queries are also available for non-financial type of activities like log-on done in the past, added/modified payees, file uploads done etc.

9. FAQ -E-Banking

10.User Guide

11. United QuickPay

12. E-ASBA

You have a wide range of choice of deposits through as many as 10 different schemes offered by UBI. You may select them according to your best suited mode of meeting.
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